Hall Of Fame


Johnny PayCheck was a contributor to the country music world. He has an impressive catalog of music and helped to lead the outlaw image in country music that many artists took part in.

To this day you can still see elements of the outlaws in current artist. Many artists have rerecorded my fathers music and asked my father to be a part of their recordings. You can see his vocal influence in many artists as well, however the old man had a very unique voice http://canadianviagras.com/. He is not a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame today, but I want to raise the fans and artists voices to a level that the country music industry can hear. I think my father influenced country music to a degree that he should be honored for.

He has yet to be entered in to the CMHoF, after all this time I had hoped to see his name on the distinguishable list of country music hall of famers. Please help out and let the country music industry hear your voice. By entering your information below you will be added to a petition that will help to get my father into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

The fans understand it, other country music artists understand it, why doesn't the industry understand it??